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The Yosemite Valley image was shot in the early 1970s, back when Ansel Adams still had his small gallery/studio there. I was smart enough to purchase one of his Yosemite prints there, but dumb enough not to have bought more of them.

Because Ansel just about owns Yosemite, it is a difficult place to shoot because images either look somewhat like his, or else look a lot worse than his.

I don’t think Ansel ever shot here with a panoramic camera, so I am taking the liberty of showing my homage to him.

Endicott Arm photo

Catherine and I went to southeast Alaska a number of years ago and I shot profusely with a 35mm digital camera. All the image files have sat dormant on DVDs, long enough for me to forget what is on them.

Recently I thought about a few panoramic images that somehow were memorable. I had shot multiple, contiguous frames from a moving boat. I recently put them together and made a twenty-seven inch wide print that was recently in a local group show. There is a series of these and this one, Endicott Arm, is the first to be finished.

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