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Nun Tree

Nun Tree, Denial & Healey Pass Diptich

The two vertical images started out as a film test to see how Tri-X and an Ilford film would look processed via .dR5, the negative-to-positive processing system. This is what I shot in Ireland and was very pleased with the results. What I ended up with was not a grayscale negative, but a monochrome transparency. In this case these were 6x8 cm.

Both images were shot within 100 yards of our studio. The model was a good friend of our assistant, Talmadge Heyward. We used strobe on both images.

The grayscale diptych of Healey Pass is a haunting place on Ireland’s Beara Peninsula. Famine laborers began the original roadbed (cir. 1847-48) and so many men died of starvation or disease that the project was abandoned until the 1930s.

The small image in the upper right is a much younger me, standing outside a lab in West Hollywood in L.A. I couldn’t resist a photo of myself with Ansel Adams. This was shot in the 80s.


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